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Antique Victorian Queen's Reading Lamp

This Queen's Reading Lamp or Student Lamp as they were sometimes known most likely dates from circa 1890. There are no visible makers marks that I can find but it's typical of a type made by Veritas. The lamp is being offered for sale as it is - which is just as I purchased it and is not in working order in its present state.

I have thoroughly examined the lamp and everything that it needs to make it work except a wick seems to be intact.

These lamps were designed originally to be fuelled with colza oil and then later for use with paraffin in conjunction with a float and needle housed in the fuel reservoir. This is a paraffin version.

Everything is as it should be. The lamp unit slides up and down freely. The shade holder is removable. The shade looks to be original to the lamp and the chimney also is an antique one.

There are a few battle scars to add character. A couple of small dents to the stand. A dent to the top of the reservoir lid and the removable burner base is a little misshapen, but perfectly useable. Also there is a small damage flake to the inner casing of the shade's rim where it fits into the shade holder. This cannot be seen unless the shade is removed and examined upside down.

Height to top of stand 21½”

Weight (empty) 3145g

Order number C186

Price for lamp and shade £276 UK pounds sterling + £22 delivery within the UK


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note  personal inspection and collection of this lamp would be welcome