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Duplex 1-1/6 inch Oil Lamp Wick
for twin wick burners
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Decorative French Oil Lamp Pair

Decorative French Oil Lamp Pair

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Cut Glass Fount Oil Lamp

Beware Of The Cat!

The Oil Lamp Store's Cat

Please position your oil lamp in a
safe place where pets can't cause damage or knock
lighted lamps over!


Your Burning Questions About
Oil Lamps

Bad quality light? Nasty smell? Cracked chimneys, etc, etc?
Remedy everything! All you'll ever need to know.
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Red Fount Oil Lamp

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Oil Lamps
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over the years



Garden Outdoor Patio Oil Light Torch Citronella Lamp

Light up your garden, patio or terrace with this top quality beautifully designed reusable powder coated steel oil torch
Now Only £22.97 Each & FREE UK postage
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Final check before delivery of a rare Doulton Hinks Oil Lamp

Final check by Myles Bevis on a rare Hinks oil lamp



Pair of New Polished Brass Gaudard Hand Oil Lamps

Updated 7-September-2014 The Oil Lamp Store

I use PayPal for processing online card payments.
Let me know if you would like to make a purchase and I’ll email a secure payment request.
Payment by cheque drawn from a UK bank is also welcome, please contact me for the mailing address.
Orders are dispatched on weekdays within 24 hours of online payment advice or cheque clearance.

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Information about your oil lamp? The International Guild of Lamp Researchers, Ltd

A non-commercial public forum for liquid-fueled lighting research. We're likely to be able
to provide the answer!

Based in the Malvern Hills of England my name is Myles Bevis expert at rescuing the forgotten oil lamp.
I'm doing my best to save antique oil lamps and
where needed carefully restore and renovate them so these oil lamps may
again enhance the rooms of discerning homemakers.

The Oil Lamp has become hugely collectible UK and Worldwide.
A generation or two ago, when electricity was a novelty beautiful oil lamps
were thrown out, commissioned to the shed or
attic, or even worse converted to electricity by drilling through
beautiful cut glass founts and fine brass stands.

I've found cobweb covered oil lamps in attics, old oil lamps
in ancient garages. I recall a grimy black antique oil lamp lying
on a shelf in a stables saddle room. This cleaned up as a fantastic
amber glass oil lamp. A beautiful, forlorn Hinks ornate brass
oil lamp was the only occupant of a large stone barn to be
converted to holiday apartments.

Famous oil lamp names such as Hinks, Messenger, Young's and Evered
should have the chance to be seen again!

Every beautiful oil lamp is looking for a good home where it can again
be displayed, pampered and admired!
A fine Victorian oil lamp looks splendid as a dining table centre
piece or taking pride of place on a sideboard.

Have a look round the Oil Lamp Store: see if one or more of these lovely
oil lamps suits your lifestyle.

All oil lamps in this site, are in good working order unless otherwise stated.
If an oil lamp is lit and placed under curtains or inflammable material or where children and pets can knock it over
it could be a fire risk!
Because of this please note the paragraph below for your safety.

All oil lamps featured in this site are sold under the condition that
they are to be used for decorative purposes only and under no circumstances should
be filled with paraffin, kerosene or any other flammable liquids and lit.

Contact the oil lamp store

All photographs on this website are strictly copyright © Myles Bevis 2014 and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission

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